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Boomerang adventure game for JS13k!
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When life gets you down, it's never too late to...


A Boomerang Roguelite Game for JS13k by Frank Force


Bounceback Image


  • WASD = Move
  • Mouse = Aim
  • Click = Throw
  • Space = Dash


  • Boosting protects you from damage.
  • Buy items to help you survive.
  • You don't lose money when you die!
  • There are only 10 levels.
  • Lost boomerangs show up big on the map.
  • Enemies are slowed by sand.
  • Yellow boormang can grab pickups.
  • Blue boomerang does double damage.
  • Win to unlock speed run mode.

Game Features

  • Boomerang physics & boost ability
  • Procedural level generation
  • 3 Enemy types
  • 7 types of pickups
  • Giant and invisible enemy variants
  • Final boss battle
  • Saves gems earned and max level reached
  • Shop system for buying items
  • Minimap
  • Footsteps, blood, and persistant effects system
  • 16 Different sound effects with zzfx
  • Procedurally generated music
  • Speed run mode doesn't effect normal save
  • Low health warning system
  • Level transition effect

Engine Features

  • Engine is separated from game code
  • Object oriented architecture
  • 2D game object system with pseudo 3D
  • Physics and level tile collision
  • Tile rendering system
  • Cached level rendering
  • Particle system
  • 3D shadows
  • Input processing system
  • Debug rendering system

Engine Debug Features

  • Debug console
  • Debug rendering
  • Debug controls
  • Save snapshot

Minification Notes

  • The official release is under 13k for the game, engine, art and music!
  • The tile.png file has 14 color palette exported from Gimp with all extra save data disabled
  • First combine all javascript together
  • Remove all debug code, godMode, soundEnable, and controls description
  • Use Google Closure on Advanced
  • Use terser with extra compression turned off
  • Put eveything into the same html file and remove any whitespace
  • Zip the index.html and tiles.png files
  • Zip the zip with advzip using the settings "-z -4 -i 1000"
  • Say a small prayer to the gods of JavaScript
  • The final result should hopefully be under 13k!
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