Python scrappers for legal NZ tv/movie streaming sites
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Python scrappers for NZ streaming websites

The scripts all have a function get_listings() that returns a json array

Example JSON data array

		title : "Breaking Bad", // Title of the tv series/movie
		type : "tv",  // type currently only tv or movie
		image : "", // A fall back image that could be used if no metadata can be found
		year : 2008 ,  // Year of release / first series
		episodes : [	// Movies currently need an episode entry with s0e0
				"title" : "Pilot", 
				"uri" : "http://urlofvideofile",
				"s" : 0, 
				"e" : 0, 
				"price" : 2.00, // Optional price in NZ dollars

The util module can be used to return data in a queryable format

  • util.get_url_json(url), returns a json python object
  • util.get_url_html(url), returns an lxml html document that can be queried using xpath

We will accept a pull request for a scrapper for any legal NZ site, foreign legal sites may be accepted