A simple "soundbox" android app where you can extract sound from any youtube video.
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QuoteBox Beta 1.5


QuoteBox is a simple soundbox tool in which you can extract a part of any Youtube™ video and play "quotes" (the extracted sound) indefinitely without Internet. QuoteBox doesn't use a server for processing the different steps but will use instead Youtube-dl (through QPython app using) and FFmpeg libs.

Youtube Presentation here

Download APK here

QuoteBox cannot be on the Google Play Store because of "misusing of API". meh.

Current features

  • Offline use of created quotes
  • Whole Youtube™ search
  • Customizable quote with color and name
  • Full editor interface
    • Easy navigation through video
    • Precises start and stop points placing
    • Try quote before creating
  • 1-20 seconds quotes
  • Fade-out option

Future features (soon) :

  • Quote organization with drag-n-drop
  • Quote marketplace for sharing and downloading other's quotes
  • Quote image taken from thumbnail or user's files (or video itself)


Beta 1.5.3

  • Fixed Youtube_dl ssl certificate error
  • Added timeout to avoid stuck in splash

Beta 1.5.2

  • Switching from com.hypipal.qpyplus to org.qpython.qpy
  • Sometimes stuck in splash (timeout to do)
  • Cannot upgrade youtube_dl (pip cannot uninstall previous)
  • Youtube_dl ssl certificate error
  • Fixed int overflow in video views or likes

Beta 1.5.1

  • QuoteTube -> QuoteBox
  • Fixed Android N Qpython install

Beta 1.5

  • Slightly changed colors
  • Suggestions in youtube searching
  • French translation
  • Multiline on quote name
  • Welcome and update messages
  • Update detection
  • Some fixes

Beta 1.4

  • You can now edit quote from main list
  • Some fixes

Beta 1.3

  • Fixed last QPython sh!t by downloading and installing a working version (1.2.5) on the user's phone
  • Fixed quote edition when buttons weren't working sometimes
  • Splitted quote creation into 2 phases (positions and informations)