An Inkscape extension which removes all matrix transforms by applying them recursively to shapes
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An Inkscape extension which recursively applies transformations to shapes.

Note that performing this operation on certain shapes (stars, lpes, ...) will convert them to paths, and clones are affected in strange ways due to clone transforms behave.

update 2016-1-5 - now only affects selected shapes when there is an active selection.


Download applytransform.inx and, then copy them to the Inkscape installation folder subdirectory share\extensions. On Windows this may be C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions. If the downloaded files have .txt suffixes added by GitHub, be sure to remove them. Restart Inkscape if it's running.

Arch Linux

This package is also available via the AUR.

pacaur -S inkscape-applytransforms-git


Activate the extension from the main menu:

Extensions | Modify Path | Apply Transform