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  • A central point where committed students can be introduced to each other, solve problems, and be creative. The goals of Kodkollektivet is to give these students a place to work on both their own and external projects, as well as to provide a place where we can all learn from each other.

  • To give members the opportunity of early-on experiences in fields that are relevant and makes them attractive to the modern market. This could include for instance, specific frameworks that are commonly used in practise but are not being taught in the university.

  • Continuously working with external companies, building a network of connections that can benefit Kodkollektivet and its members. These benefits could be in the form of external, customer-based projects where members get to interact and work with a customer on a professional level.

  • An easy way of building and showing off capabilities and experiences to future employers. One of the corner stones in Kodkollektivet is to always take pride in its members and what they have accomplished, both as a group and individually.

    As a member of Kodkollektivet, credits must always be given publically as a proof or reference to what each member has done or is capable of doing.