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Volebná kalkulačka


  • PHP >=5.3
  • Smarty 3
  • Python 3 (optional, for updating only)
  • exec allowed for PHP (optional, for updating only)



  • copy local_settings-example.json into local_settings.json and set it correctly, this file needs to be readable by www server
  • set smarty/templates_c writable and readable by www server
  • create new file www/result.txt and set it writable by www server (e.g., chown user:www-data, chmod 620)

New App (new calculator)


  • make directory www/new-app and copy into it contents from www/existing-app
  • make directory smarty/templates/new-app-templates and copy into it contents from smarty/templates/existing-app-templates

Front page

  • set up frontpage (www/index.php or www/index.html manually)

App settings

  • basic settings for the new-app are in www/new-app/settings.json, correct them
  • it is possible to rewrite general settings (from www/local_settings.json) for whole site by these settings


  • default background image for the new app is set in www/new-app/settings.json


Several languages are supported (using parameter ?lang=xx in the address, xx is the ISO code). These needs to be set up in www/new-app/settings.json and the files www/new-app/texts_xx.csv must exist.


Updating process may be different for any calculator

Updating of calculators (example)
  • set www/new-app/backend/ writable by www server
  • set correct values in www/new-app/backend/settings.json Update is done by accessing http(s)://(server_name)/new-app/backend/update.php
Updating of inventories (example)


Research questionaire (optional)

A questionaire may be set to be shown before the app:

  • direct traffic to (server)/new-app/research/ (or some part of the traffic)
  • set data and texts in www/new-app/research/data.php
  • create file www/new-app/research/research.txt and set it writable by www server (e.g., chown user:www-data)
  • only subset of question type may be used (see files smarty/templates/research.tpl and smarty/templates/research-(type).tpl)
  • enable caching:

Customization (optional)

Custom space on result page (below the table)

Completely custom part (block) may be specified below the results in the file smarty/new-app-template/match-lower.tpl. Leave it blank if nothing is required.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS may be set in www/new-app/settings.json

External customization

It s possible to customize the calculator (if allowed in www/new-app/settings.json), quickly or with whole custom css:

  • bg: url-encoded link to background picture (e.g., http(s)://(server_name)/new-app/?bg=http%3A%2F%2Fexample.com%2Fpicture.jpg)
  • navbar: url-encoded html color of the upper navbar (e.g., http(s)://(server_name)/new-app/?navbar=%23CC00FF or ?navbar=red)
  • css: url-encoded link to custom css (e.g., http(s)://(server_name)/new-app/?css=http%3A%2F%2Fexample.com%2Fcustom.css)


Caching for the app (the test part, not results) is available. Enable (or disable) it:

  • nncomment line include ("cache.php"); in www/new-app/index.php
  • set www/new-app/cache/ writable and readable by www server (e.g., sudo chown user:www-data cache)
  • length of cache may be set in www/new-app/cache.php

Click registration (optional)

  • set it in www/new-app/settings.json
  • create new file www/new-app/click.txt and set it writable by www server (e.g., chown user:www-data, chmod 620)