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* Fix max_taker_vol. Take min dex fee and KMD discount into account.

* Fix comment about expected volume equation.


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AtomicDEX Marketmaker V2

This repository contains the work in progress code of brand new Marketmaker version built mainly on Rust.
The current state can be considered as very early alpha.
Use with test coins only. You risk to lose your money in case of trying to trade assets with real market cost.

Rewrite goals


Project structure

mm2src - Rust code, contains some parts ported from C as is (e.g. lp_ordermatch) to reach the most essential/error prone code. Some other modules/crates are reimplemented from scratch.
iguana - Old C code that is still used and linked to Rust binary. According to gradual port goals this code will be either ported/removed in favor of Rust.

How to build

  1. Tools required: Cmake, Rustup. You will also need your OS specific build tools (e.g. build-essentials on Linux, XCode on OSX or MSVC on Win).
  2. (Optional) OSX: install openssl, e.g. brew install openssl.
  3. (Optional) OSX: run LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib
  4. Run
    rustup install nightly-2020-02-01
    rustup default nightly-2020-02-01
    rustup component add rustfmt-preview
  5. (Optional) Win: run marketmaker_build_depends.cmd to build dependencies.
  6. Run cargo build --features native (or cargo build --features native -vv to get verbose build output).

Help and troubleshooting

If you have any question/want to report a bug/suggest an improvement feel free to open an issue or reach the team at Discord dev-marketmaker channel.

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