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Kopano WebApp

WebApp provides all the familiar email, advanced calendaring and contacts features you need to be productive. It helps you by providing an overview of what matters to you, whether this is your incoming email, your weekly schedule or the contact details of that person you really need to call.


The following dependencies are required:

  • PHP - with json, xml and gettext modules
  • php-mapi
  • php-gd - for image related functions.
  • gettext - for msgfmt (translations)
  • libxml2-utils - for xmllint
  • ant, ant-contrib - for deploying JavaScript
  • compass - for generating css files.
  • make

Optional for development a pre-commit hook can be used, which runs JSHint.

  npm install

Running static analysis

ESLint is used for JavaScript linting.

make lint

Running PHP linting, requires phpmd to be installed:

npm run phplint


JavaScript unittest can be run with the following command and are located in test/js.

make test

Run coverage, output file in test/js/coverage

make open-coverage


In-depth documentation, such as administration and user manuals about our products can be found on our Documentation Portal. Additionally, a Knowledge Base is available for quick start guides, handy code snippets, and troubleshooting help.


The main development of Kopano WebApp takes place in a Bitbucket instance with development tickets organised in Jira. Please see for steps on how to contribute patches.

Downloading compiled packages

Nightly builds of the master branch can be downloaded from In addition to this, QAed builds of the release and stable branches are available to subscription holders from the Kopano Portal and a package repository.


Community Support is available through the Kopano Forum and through the #kopano channel on the Freenode IRC network. Additional support options are available for subscription holders.