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Collection of tools to manage Teensy boards


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You can find these instructions on the official web page.


TyTools is a collection of independent tools and you only need one executable to use any of them. The Qt-based GUI tools are statically compiled to make that possible.

Tool Type Description
TyCommander Qt GUI (static) Upload, monitor and communicate with multiple boards
TyUploader Qt GUI (static) Simple firmware / sketch uploader
tycmd Command-line
No Qt !
Command-line tool to manage Teensy boards

Download the latest release from GitHub. You can find development builds on

All the code related to these programs is under public domain, you can do whatever you want with it. See the LICENSE file or for more information.

Use the following links for more information:

Up-to-date binaries are available here:

Source code

This repository does not contain the code of TyTools but only exists as a front. For pratical reasons, I've started using a single repository for all my projects in 2018 because it is easier to manage.

The source code is available here: (in the src/tytools subdirectory).

Monorepositories have two killer features for me:

  • Cross-project refactoring
  • Simplified dependency management

You can find a more detailed rationale here: