A Z80 assembler for the Sega Master System written in Visual Basic 6
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OZ80MANDIAS (simply pronounced Ozymandias), or OZ80 ("Ozzy") for short, is a Z80 assembler for Sega Master System games. It is named after the famous poem, in which a broken statue in the desert is the last remnant of a once mighty empire, now reduced to dust. The bitter-sweet message on the plaque reads "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!". Since VB6 is now a dead language -- once a massive success of the Microsoft empire -- the name seemed fitting.

OZ80MANDIAS implements a new macro assembly syntax. There were too many shortcomings with existing assembler syntaxes (particularly with data portability) to overcome without a new syntax being required.

This new syntax is clean, concise, easy to read and understand and aims to allow great flexibility for your Z80 code so that you can shift code and data around with as close to no adjustment as possible needed.

Feedback is being solicited for this new syntax to ensure that a good, clean design from the beginning that has room to grow whilst keeping to the original goals. Please see the SYNTAX.txt document for the specifics of the new syntax.

Please contact kroc@camendesign.com with feedback.

OZ80MANDIAS has been created to facilitate a full disassembly of Sonic 1 for the Master System, which is being used to crate the first full editor suite for the game. See the links below for these projects: