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Xapiand: A RESTful Search Engine
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.travis Travis: Bottles: Retry push Apr 15, 2019
.vscode UUID: Default configuration is now encoded + compact Mar 7, 2019
Xapiand.xcodeproj Added basic Xcode project for attaching a debugger Nov 29, 2018
benchmarks Copyrights cleaned and updated Jan 29, 2019
cmake ECMAScript (v8) support removed Mar 1, 2019
contrib Xapiand Client: Updated client to read nodes directly Sep 16, 2019
docs Version bump to v0.39.6 Jan 17, 2020
man Update the man with xapiand arguments May 11, 2018
oldtests Database: Flags normalized + added DB_OPEN where missing Jul 19, 2019
src Added selector to return the server state Jan 17, 2020
stopwords Add stopwords for armenian(hy.txt), basque(eu.txt), catalan(ca.txt), … Dec 6, 2016
tests Copyrights cleaned and updated Jan 29, 2019
.cquery cquery config with updated llvm May 31, 2019
.editorconfig Added .editorconfig for EditorConfig support (xapian-core with mixed … Feb 12, 2019
.gitignore Gitignore: Ignore Makefile Jan 29, 2019
.mailmap Added .mailmap Feb 9, 2018
.travis.yml CMake: Require cmake 3.12 (for objects linking) Apr 9, 2019
AUTHORS Updated emails: Feb 9, 2018
CHANGELOG ChangeLog: Renamed file at home (to avoid seeing duplicates while sea… Jun 10, 2019
CMakeLists.txt Version bump to v0.39.6 Jan 17, 2020
LICENSE Copyrights cleaned and updated Jan 29, 2019
NOTICE Docs: Copyright notice updated, re-enabled sections Mar 22, 2019 README: Fixed TravisCI badge Mar 23, 2019
Xapiand.sublime-project Added Sublime project file Oct 8, 2015
cloudbuild.yaml Fix cloudbuild.yaml to include tag Sep 21, 2019 Enable assertions for xapian + NDEBUG if XAPIAN_ASSERTS is passed Apr 9, 2019 Docs: Tests script: Use deeper title as description (if there isn't one) Jun 27, 2019 doesn't check existense of autogenerated files Jul 17, 2019
iwyu.imp Support for Include What You Use Nov 4, 2016
mime.types Mime Types: Added ndjson, msgpack and yaml May 6, 2019 Banner and package strings updated Mar 20, 2019
postman.json Docs: Tests: Moved more tests out of postman May 28, 2019


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A RESTful Search Engine

Xapiand is A Modern Highly Available Distributed RESTful Search and Storage Engine built for the Cloud and with Data Locality in mind. It takes JSON (or MessagePack) documents and indexes them efficiently for later retrieval.

Official site is at



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