Elm 0.19 workshops. Includes Intro and Advanced courses.
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This workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The server/ directories use moleculer-node-realworld-example, which has its own license. The JavaScript interop example uses localForage, which is (c) 2013-2017 Mozilla, under the Apache License 2.0. The rest of the code is a variation on elm-spa-example, an MIT-licensed implementation of the realworld front-end. Many thanks to the authors of these projects!

Getting Started

  1. Install Node.js 7.0.0 or higher

  2. Add a plugin for your editor of choice: Atom, Sublime Text, VS Code, Light Table, Vim, Emacs, Brackets

  3. Not required, but highly recommended: enable "elm-format on save" in your editor.

  4. Run the following command to install all the other Elm tools:

Note: Make sure not to run this command with sudo! If it gives you an EACCESS error, apply this fix and then re-run the command (still without sudo).

npm install -g elm@elm0.19.0 elm-test@elm0.19.0 elm-format
  1. Clone this repository

Run this at the terminal:

git clone https://github.com/rtfeldman/elm-0.19-workshop.git
cd elm-0.19-workshop
  1. Continue with either the intro or advanced instructions, depending on which workshop you're doing!

Video Course of this Workshop

I recorded full-length videos for Frontend Masters, in which I teach both of these workshops start to finish: