C++ framework for Bayesian Filter Tracking (UKF, EKF, Particles)
C++ CMake
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BayesTracking - a library for Bayesian tracking


  • Bayes++ (included in the repository)
  • OpenCV 2.x (only to build the examples)

Install (without catkin)

  • Extract the library's compressed file
  • In the library's directory, create a sub-directory build
  • Enter in ./build and run cmake ..
  • Run make to build the library
  • Run make install (as super user) to install the library and relative header files

Install (ROS version)

  • Run rosdep to resolve dependencies
  • Run catkin_make
  • Run catkin_make install to install the library and headers (optional)

by Nicola Bellotto nbellotto@lincoln.ac.uk

cite with this DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10318