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This is the part of the LCOGT site that aims to ensure every observation taken by a public user of the network has a permanent web presence. The aim is to provide access through RESTful URLs. Observations can be viewed in a variety of ways:

Groups of observations can be viewed in a variety of formats:

  • HTML - the default
  • HTML-based slideshow - add /show to the URL
  • JSON and JSON-p: add .json or .json?callback=blah to the URL
  • KML: add .kml to the URL
  • RSS: add .rss to the URL

Docker stuff

A production deployment of this application requires only a single container, which contains both uwsgi (for the Python Django application) and nginx (to serve the static content).

The following environment variables are available to customize the behavior of the container:

  • PREFIX - determines the root URI for the application (default: "")
  • DEBUG - enables debugging within the Django application (default: False)

To build and run the Docker image for this application, just run:

$ docker build -t observations_test .
$ docker run -p 8888:80 --name obs -e PREFIX=/observations -m 256m observations_test

To build a production Docker image:

$ docker build -t
$ docker push