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Linstor External FLEX Provisioner for Kubernetes

This provisioner is meant for use with with the Linstor FlexVolume Plugin and allows administrators to create storage classes with varying levels of redundancy and users to create new Linstor resources using the familiar PV/PVC workflow.


This project is written in Go. If you haven't built a Go program before, please refer to this helpful guide.

Requires Go 1.10 or higher and a configured GOPATH

`mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/`

`cd $GOPATH/src/`

`git clone`

`cd linstor-flex-provision`


This will create a binary named linstor-external-provisioner in the root of the project.


This provisioner must run directly on one of the Linstor nodes as root. It needs to be passed the provisioner name, which will be referenced in storage classes that use this provisioner.

As well as the path to a Kubernetes configuration file:

./linstor-external-provisioner -provisioner=external/linstor -kubeconfig=$HOME/.kube/config &> /path/to/logfile &

or the Kubernetes master IP:

./linstor-external-provisioner -provisioner=external/linstor -master= &> /path/to/logfile &


This project must be used in conjunction with a working LINSTOR cluster. LINSTOR's documentation is the foremost guide on setting up and administering LINSTOR.

After the provisioner has been deployed you're free to create storage classes and have your users start provisioning volumes from them. Administrators must set the list of nodes that resources will be deployed (or autoPlace count) to and the storage pool that these resources will consume to create storage. Please see the class.yaml and pvc.yaml files in the example dir for examples.

On the successful creation of a PV, a new linstor resource with the same name as the PV is created as well.


Apache 2.0