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MacPatch v3.5.0.5

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@cheizer cheizer released this 14 Jan 18:33
· 89 commits to master since this release

• Client

  • Add support to retry a failed Apple Patch, only once per session
  • Add FileValut authrestart support the Can use Users account and password, or user account and recovery key.
  • Add collection of MDM enrollment
  • Add collection of DEP enrollment
  • Add tracking for when an agent is installed
  • Add Notifications will now open to the location of the task (e.g. Patches needed will open to updates and begin a scan)

• Server

  • Cleaned up UI on privleges
  • Approved patch list is now dynamic, no longer need to save patch group on changes
  • Software group is now dynamic, no longer need to save software group on changes
  • Fix issue with large file uploads
  • Fixed issue where proxy server data was not added to agent config
  • Add support to the API for min agent version

• Other

  • Updated MPAgentUploader for the latest version of Swift
  • MPAgentUploader has been notorized