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DataRaceBench 1.3.2

DataRaceBench is a benchmark suite designed to systematically and quantitatively evaluate the effectiveness of data race detection tools. It includes a set of microbenchmarks with and without data races. Parallelism is represented by OpenMP directives. OpenMP is a popular parallel programming model for multi-threaded applications.

Note that some microbenchmarks use OpenMP 4.5 and 5.0 features. You may need a recent OpenMP compiler to compile them.

DataRaceBench also comes with an evaluation script ( The script can be used to evaluate the tools Helgrind, Archer, Thread Sanitizer, Intel Inspector, and Coderrect Scanner. In addition a parameterized test harness (scripts/ is available which allows to provide a number of different parameters for the evaluation. The test harness is used by the evaluation script with some pre-defined values.

Quick Start


Usage: ./ [--run] [--help] language

--help      : this option
--small     : compile and test all benchmarks using small parameters with Helgrind, ThreadSanitizer, Archer, Intel inspector.
--run       : compile and run all benchmarks with gcc (no evaluation)
--run-intel : compile and run all benchmarks with Intel compilers (no evaluation)
--helgrind  : compile and test all benchmarks with Helgrind
--tsan-clang: compile and test all benchmarks with clang ThreadSanitizer
--tsan-gcc  : compile and test all benchmarks with gcc ThreadSanitizer
--archer    : compile and test all benchmarks with Archer
--coderrect : compile and test all benchmarks with Coderrect Scanner
--inspector : compile and test all benchmarks with Intel Inspector
--romp      : compile and test all benchmarks with Romp
--customize : compile and test customized test list and tools

More information: User Guide

Latest Tool Evaluation Results

Data race detection tool dashboard

List of Benchmarks

Benchmark labels and lists - C/C++

Benchmark labels and lists - Fortran


DataRaceBench was created by Chunhua Liao, Pei-Hung Lin, Gaurav Verma, Yaying Shi, Joshua Asplund, Markus Schordan, and Ian Karlin.


DataRaceBench is released under a BSD license. For more details see the file LICENSE.txt. The microbenchmarks marked 'Polyhedral' in above table were generated as optimization variants of benchmarks from the PolyOpt benchmark suite. For those benchmarks see the license file LICENSE.OSU.txt.


How to Cite DataRaceBench in a Publication

If you are referring to DataRaceBench in a publication, please cite the following paper:

If you use DataRaceBench v.1.3.0 or later, please additionally cite the following paper:

  • Gaurav Verma, Yaying Shi, Chunhua Liao, Barbara Chapman, and Yonghong Yan, Enhancing DataRaceBench for Evaluating DataRace Detection Tools, International Workshop on Software Correctness for HPC Applications (Correctness) SC20, 2020

Other papers

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