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fredericcogny commented Nov 23, 2020

I would like to parameterize the command name based on the parameters from the parameter list

Currently the --command-name only seem to take into account the first one in the list it would be nice if we could parametrerize the --command-name with the <VAR> as we do in the actual command

Here is a concrete example I'm running

hyperfine "brun -c opt -- //simwork/examples:Hepatitis
cedric-sun commented Sep 24, 2020

In #466 a description about how to "disable" CPU performance scaling on Linux was added. It works by setting the cpufreq governor to performance (which is arguably not the only way to stabilize CPU frequency) and, later after the benchmark is done, setting that to powersave.

I personally think it's more appropriate to memorize what the previous governor was by a simple shell variable, and l

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