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#SAP MaxDB System Copy Tool (c) Florian Lamml 2017

Automatic System Copy Tool for SAP Systems in MaxDB and Linux (SLES/RHEL) / Unix (AIX)


  • ssh communication between source and target without password (authorized_keys(2)) for both sidadm
    via "ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048" and ".ssh/authorized_keys2" (only source --> target)
    --> ssh sourceadm@sourcehost must work without PW
    --> ssh targetadm@targethost must work without PW
  • the target database is large enough (automatic check)
  • copy this script to the source host and set the execution right
  • xuser DEFAULT for ABAP/JAVA DB User (SAP or SAPDB) must be available
  • if passwords from source and target are different, xuser for copy can not be used
  • the source database must be online, the target database must be able to start in state admin
  • adjust the configuration of source and target system in this script
  • best use with screen tool for unix/linux


  • automatic function and prerequisites check
  • backup to 2 parallel PIPE
  • can use compressed and uncompressed backup (default uncompress)
  • root is not needed
  • copy status bar with size, transfered, left and speed (5 second update)
  • automatic size check
  • dd over ssh from source to target
  • ssh encryption default cipher is aes192-ctr
  • automatic rename database to target
  • automatic export of custom tables (incl. templates of the most common)
  • you can use a custom db user or xuser for backup and restore