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A 2D action game inspired by Fire Power and Return Fire. Only for Amiga computers.

System requirements

As the game is still under development, game performance will vary.

  • Chipset: OCS
  • CPU: 68000 @ 14MHz
  • RAM: 2MB CHIP, a bit of FAST
  • Mouse and keyboard

How to play

After starting game, you may choose your team and vehicle. The goal of the game is to conquer more bases than enemy team and maintain this state until enemy team runs out of respawn points.


  • Movement: W, S, A, D
  • Fire, hiding in bunker: LMB
  • Exit: ESC


This game has been made as entry for RetroKomp Gamedev Compo 2017. Original authors are:

  • KaiN - code
  • Selur - gfx
  • Softiron - gfx


This game is licensed under MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.