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##Changed base box to Centos##

After running vagrant up you will see that the box doesn't boot. Kill (ctrl^c) vagrant up. Then run vagrant suspend. Open the Virtual Box GUI. Run the new Centos box and power it down. Open settings and in General > Basic set Version to Red Hat (64 bit). Start the box to test and then power it off again. Now vagrant up should boot the box properly.

As puppet isn't istalled on the base box the Vagrant build won't complete.

  1. $ vagrant ssh
  2. $ sudo yum install puppet
  3. $ sudo halt
  4. $ sudo up

At this point we could also upgrade VirtualBox guest additions.

Provides a foundation for developing with Drupal in a Vagrant box. The machine is based on 64-bit Ubuntu Maverick. The manifest maverick64.pp has some variables that control the installation as shown below:

  • $host, the hostname for the instance to use, you'll want to add it to your local hosts file as well mapped to
  • $project, the name of the project under development, this is used by convention to specify a Drush make makefile to initialize the site and a SQL script to load an existing database
  • $dbpassword, the database password to use for the site database
  • $user1, username for the site "user 1" or admin
  • $user1password, password for user 1
  • $user1mail, email for user 1
  • $source_directory, the directory that will contain your project source code. /vagrant is where vagrant will mount your project directory by default

Ruby and Vagrant are prerequisites.