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Project Title: Case Western Reserve University Parking & Weather

Team Members:

• Maria Maniccia
• Tyler McKellar
• Laura Shortridge 
• Robert Tarkenton	

Project Description:

Our app will show current weather and available parking for Case Western Reserve University. It will also provide directions to campus, parking garages, and walking directions to the buildings.

Project Requirements:

  • Must use at least two APIs
  • Must use AJAX to pull data
  • Must utilize at least one new library or technology that we haven’t discussed
  • Must have a polished frontend / UI
  • Must meet good quality coding standards (indentation, scoping, naming)
  • Must NOT use alerts, confirms, or prompts (look into modals!)
  • Must have some sort of repeating element (table, columns, etc)
  • Must use Bootstrap or Alternative CSS Framework
  • Must be Deployed (Github Pages)
  • Must have User Input Validation

Sketch of the Final Product: (see attachment)

APIs We Are Using:

• OpenWeather
• Google Maps

New technology:

• Semantic UI

Task Breakdown:

• Develop front-end UI
• Provide public parking options
• Provide directions to parking lot
• Provide walking directions from lot to specified buildings
• Provide walking directions between buildings on campus
• Provide weather information for the campus


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