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⛓️ TextChain

TextChain is a streamlined way to build linear Kyori Adventure components. It also offers many quality of life features for targeting specific platforms (like Bukkit). This library was originally written for BungeeCord chat components, so it should feel comfortable for those approaching Adventure from that perspective.

Example: Hello World


   .then(" ")


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  • textchain-adventure → 📑
    • The standalone, platform-independent version of TextChain. It only requires Kyori Adventure, so this module runs wherever Adventure runs.
  • textchain-platform-bukkit → 🚰
    • TextChain with additional Bukkit-specific features like sending chains directly to players and helpful utilities like creating components for entities, items, and converting from Bukkit objects to Adventure-equivalent objects.
  • textchain-platform-bungeecord → 🟠
    • TextChain with additional Bungee-specific features like sending chains directly to proxied players.


Since we use JitPack to distribute this library, the versions available are the same as the "tags" found on the releases page of this repository.


You will have to provide TextChain with a Kyori Adventure Platform implementation since none are included by default (effectively decoupling this library from any specific version of Adventure).

Example: Bukkit Plugin Maven Dependencies

ℹ️ Since you're writing a plugin, you should already have a Bukkit/Spigot/Paper dependency defined. The following example will allow you to depend on both Kyori Adventure (required) and TextChain:


    <!-- Kyori Adventure Bukkit Platform (via sonatype-oss) -->
    <!-- TextChain Bukkit (via -->

When shading this library, please remember to relocate the packages so other projects may use it without conflict. This library also utilizes nullness annotations, which may be undesirable in a shaded uber-jar. To exclude them, check the example below.

Example: Maven Shade Configuration

ℹ️ Set the shade.relocation property to your project's package and add the following to the maven shade plugin's configuration:

        <!-- TextChain -->
            <shadedPattern>${shade.relocation}.community.leaf.textchain</> shadedPattern>
        <!-- Kyori Adventure -->
        <!-- Exclude annotations from built jar -->


TextChain aims to be a simple, easy-to-understand tool to manipulate and send Minecraft text components. It achieves that goal by editing components one at a time as-needed in a linear fashion. TextChain is designed such that users are only ever concerned with the most-recently created component in the chain, as opposed to managing a tree-like structure directly (as you do in standard Adventure).

Now, TextChain doesn't replace Adventure - it's an addition to it: a complimentary, alternative way to create Adventure components. In fact, by leveraging Adventure's platform-agnostic library, TextChain runs wherever Adventure runs.

It wasn't always like that, however. When this library was originally created (closed-source, then called "Tellable" in reference to the /tellraw command), it used BungeeCord's chat API. That wasn't ideal because it was directly tied to a specific platform (i.e. Spigot and its derivatives), but it got the job done as writing for other platforms wasn't necessarily on the horizon.

Much of the core functionality from that old library is intact as TextChain. However, in the process of migrating that legacy code, most of names for things (such as method names, and of course, the library name itself) have been updated to stay consistent with Adventure. It is a goal of this project to always stay compatible with the latest-release version of Adventure and match its overall naming conventions for component actions and styles.

Java Version

This project targets JDK 11 because the Minecraft server community is overwhelmingly headed in that direction. It hasn't quite received universal adoption yet, but it has been sufficiently supported that there's no real reason to target legacy versions like JDK 8 anymore.


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