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Match and Replace script used to automatically generate JSON option file to BurpSuite
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Match and Replace Script for BurpSuite

Main Features

  • Generate Match and Replace options from a file
  • Create presets for your attack
  • Output to a JSON file


usage: [-h] [-f FILE] [-c COMMENT] [-r RULE] [-s REPLACE] [-o OUTPUT]

Optional Arguments:

  • -h, --help show this help message and exit
  • -f FILE, --file FILE Parameters/Variables to be Matched
  • -c COMMENT, --comment COMMENT Comment or Bug Class [SSRF, RCE, XSS ..etc]
  • -r RULE, --rule RULE Rule Type [request_header,request_body ...etc]
  • -s REPLACE, --replace REPLACE Literal String to Replace
  • -x, --tmp replace with regex and add a temp var
  • -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT Option JSON file


Removing Headers/Parameters
  • ./ -f replaced_headers.txt -c "Removing Headers" --rule "request_header" --replace "" --output remove.json
Adding Headers/Parameters
  • ./ -f added_headers.txt -c "Adding Headers" --rule "request_header" --replace "X-XSS-Protection: 0" --output adding.json
Replacing Headers/Parameters
  • You might use the argument -x to use the Regex Match and Replace option
  • ./ -f parameters.txt -c "SSRF Matching" --rule "request_param_name" --replace "" -x --output opt.json

Contribution, Credits & License

Ways to contribute

  • Suggest a feature
  • Report a bug
  • Fixing Issues

Licensed under the GNU GPLv3, see LICENSE for more information.

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