web app to work on gaussian curves with experimental points
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A Web Application for scientific purposes

This application was built to improve work on Gaussian curves for a particular research subject at the Limoges University in France. However the application is flexible enough to work with gaussian curves for various purposes.The application is in French. The online app includes a sample experimental curve if you want to test the app.

It features :

  • Integration of your experimental curves
  • Addition of custom gaussian
  • Dynamic change
  • Exportation of the points as a csv file
  • Calculation of the error between experimental and theorical curve
  • Calculation of a coefficient to reduce the error

Capture of the app

Use the application.

Older Version

This github project is a rebuild of the first version of the application. You can visit the out of use version here.

Init project

If you want to run the app locally you will need the following dependencies :

  • Normalize Css
  • Boostrap
  • jquery
  • Highcharts

Composer can download automatically all the dependencies by using the composer.json file and the following console line :

  php ../composer.phar update

You can see more of my projects on my website.