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A web application is any program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP, usually via a web browser. Web apps do not have to be installed on a user's device; they are run from a remote server. This differs from mobile apps, which are installed on the user's mobile device, and desktop applications, which are installed on the user's computer. Common examples of web apps include Flash games, online calculators, calendars, Gmail, and Facebook.

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emiliobondioli commented Jul 26, 2019

What problem does this feature solve?

Example use case:
A static generated app with thousands of routes, like an e-commerce having a route for each product.
Apart from scheduling nuxt generate to run periodically and generate all static and dynamic routes, it would be nice to have the possibility to generate the static files for a single route, for example in a hook when the related ba

Martinsos commented Apr 20, 2021

Right now we print some messages like "Wasp generated code" or "Db operations succeeded" and similar, and there is also a lot of messages coming from client, server, db.

Sometimes, when a lot of output is produced, it can be really hard to figure out if everything together succeeded or not! That seems to be especially true for the wasp db commands, where output from Prisma can be confusing.