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Continuation of Chris Mallett's AutoHotkey, by Lexikos.


AutoHotkey is a free, open source macro-creation and automation software utility that allows users to automate repetitive tasks. It is driven by a custom scripting language that is aimed specifically at providing keyboard shortcuts, otherwise known as hotkeys.

AutoHotkey_L started as a fork of AutoHotkey but has been the main branch for some time.

How to Compile

AutoHotkey_L is developed with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express, which is a free download from Microsoft.

  • Get the source code.
  • Open AutoHotkeyx.sln in VC++ 2010 Express.
  • Select the appropriate Build and Platform.
  • Build.

Visual Studio 2010 or MSBuild in the Windows SDK may also work.

Build Configurations

AutoHotkeyx.vcxproj contains several combinations of build configurations. The main configurations are:

  • Debug: AutoHotkey.exe in debug mode.
  • Release: AutoHotkey.exe for general use.
  • Self-contained: AutoHotkeySC.bin, used for compiled scripts.

Secondary configurations are:

  • (mbcs): ANSI (multi-byte character set). Configurations without this suffix are Unicode.
  • (minimal): Alternative project settings for producing a smaller binary, possibly with lower performance and added dependencies.


AutoHotkeyx.vcxproj includes the following Platforms:

  • Win32: for Windows 32-bit.
  • x64: for Windows x64.

Visual C++ 2010 officially supports XP SP2 and later. AutoHotkey_L supports Windows XP pre-SP2 and Windows 2000 via an asm patch (win2kcompat.asm). Older versions are not supported.

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