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This is a Robo Recall mod that adds native Vive support. It's called RoboRevive, but it doesn't actually use the Revive compatibility layer itself. Instead it uses the native SteamVR plugin from the Unreal Engine.


Oculus Home

The full version of the game is available from Oculus Home.

  1. Install the Oculus Store and download Robo Recall.
  2. Download the installer from the releases page.
  3. Run the installation, the directory for Robo Recall will be automatically detected.
  4. At the end of the installation, Robo Recall will prompt you to install the RoboRevive mod.
  5. Accept the installation and click "Play Now" to start playing Robo Recall on the Vive.

Do not start Robo Recall through the Revive Dashboard, if you do it will use the Oculus support instead of the native Vive support. Either start Robo Recall through the shortcut on your desktop or start Robo Recall (RoboRevive) from your Steam Library while SteamVR is running.

Robo Recall Editor

If you want to use the Robo Recall Mod Kit on your Vive follow these instructions. The Mod Kit only contains the first mission, so it does not contain the full game.

  1. Download the Robo Recall Editor through the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Download this repository as a zip file.
  3. Go to the directory where the Robo Recall Editor is installed, by default this is C:\Program Files\Epic Games\RoboRecallModKit.
  4. Extract the contents of the zip file into the directory, be sure to merge it with the existing folders.
  5. Start the Robo Recall Editor.


How do I turn the sticky grip button mode on/off?

By default RoboRevive will use a hybrid sticky grip that will toggle the grip if the button is released within a 500ms window. You can customize this behaviour by installing OpenVR-AdvancedSettings in the Revive tab. If you do not have Revive installed you will need to enable Force Revive Page in the Settings tab.

Note: Having Revive installed will cause the sticky grip to be turned off by default, you can re-enable it using OpenVR-AdvancedSettings as described above.

Can I still participate in the leaderboards and play the story mode while using this mod?

Yes you can! RoboRevive is a code-only mod and does not need to be enabled through the mod menu like other content mods. Therefore you can participate in the leadboards and the story mode like normal.

Why do I still see Oculus Touch controllers sometimes?

Unfortunately it's not possible to change these models in a code-only mod like RoboRevive.

Do I need to have Revive installed?

No, this mod does not require any part of Revive to work.

Do I need to have the Oculus software installed?

The Oculus Store is the only place where you can purchase and download Robo Recall, thus you will need to have it installed.

The installer also expects the Oculus software to be installed or else it will not be able to detect Robo Recall.

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