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@@ -28,3 +28,13 @@ Predefined colors:
Colors from [](
Custom color setting is also avaliable
+How to install:
+ 1. Download latest release from [github releases](
+ 2. Copy to raspberry pi or make avaliable in local network (you can use smb e.g. \\raspbmc or \\openelec)
+ 3. From XBMC menu go **System** -> **Add-ons** -> **Install from zip file** -> *Find zip file from previous point and install it*
+ 4. Plugin should appear under **Programs** menu
+ 5. For easy access go **System** -> **Appearance** -> **Skin** -> **Settings** *Click on what appears to be just a spacer* -> **Add-on Shortcuts** -> **Home Page Programs Sub-menu** -> *Set plugin on desired position* (first two are already taken by raspbmc specific add-ons if you are running raspbmc, so pick 3rd or forward place in this case)
+Please create issues, functionality requests here - I can use any sugestion, I'm python begginner. Thank you in advance.

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