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Releases: LongSoft/UEFITool

UEFITool NE/UEFIExtract/UEFIFind A63

29 Jan 22:38
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New features:

  • it is now possible to paste GUIDs in raw EDK2 format into Search window as is without manual re-formatting, thanks to @mikebeaton
  • support for HiDPI displays, thanks to @NikolajSchlej
  • Zlib-compressed sections used on AMI-based boards for AMD CPUs are now supported, thanks to @NikolajSchlej



  • had to switch to using a monospace font for the whole UI due to HiDPI requirements. If you don't like the new UI look, please open an issue.

UEFITool NE/UEFIExtract/UEFIFind A62

03 Oct 20:29
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This release is full of minor improvements and fixes for minor issues that laid unresolved for several years due to them being so minor.
It also adds FreeBSD to the list of supported OSes thanks to @pkubaj's effort to make the tools buildable there.

New features:

Bug fixes and small improvements:

UEFITool NE/UEFIExtract/UEFIFind A61

10 Sep 14:46
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This huge release (over 9000 lines of new code) finally adds support for Intel BootGuard v2 structures (that @prop263 made a PR for nearly 2 years ago), reimplemented from scratch using Kaitai Struct.

Other changes included in this release:

  • improved UEFITool icon for macOS build, thanks to @vit9696
  • Intel BootGuard v1 and Intel ACM parsers got replaced by Kaitai-based ones, thanks to @NikolajSchlej
  • added support for Meson builds for UEFIExtract and UEFIFind, thanks to @hughsie
  • added support for CMake builds for UEFITool (requires Qt6), thanks to @NikolajSchlej
  • added more Lenovo-specific GUIDs to the built-in GUID database, thanks to @crass
  • added several new static analysers (PVS-Studio, CodeQL, SonarCloud) to CI/CD pipeline, fixes most of the issues spotted by them, thanks to @NikolajSchlej

Special thanks to Fiano and CSS folks, I could not cross-check the new KSY definitions without them.

UEFITool/UEFIExtract/UEFIFind NE A60

27 Aug 18:46
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The first release of 2022 is mostly about testing the new universal binaries for macOS (i.e. when the single binary is built natively for both x86-64 and arm64), but it also has some improvements and bugfixes:

  • added support for parsing some some HP images that use EFI_GUIDED_SECTION_LZMA_HP GUID for their LZMA-compressed sections, thanks to @yeggor
  • added support for "Extract Uncompressed..." and "Uncompressed Hex View..." actions in UEFITool, both are useful in expecting the raw uncompressed data of compressed items, and will help catch and fix some otherwise invisible issues like #178, thanks to @NikolajSchlej
  • added support for proper parsing of ME File Partition Table header version 2.1, improved parsing of the previous versions 1.0 and 2.0, thanks to @NikolajSchlej and @platomav
  • fixed CI\CD, updated its configuration to use newer runners, fixed some Coverity warnings found because it's working again, thanks to @vit9696 and @NikolajSchlej
  • built Qt 5.6.3 as universal library for macOS, and updated and CI\CD to generate unversal binaries instead of just x86-64 ones for macOS, thanks to @vit9696 and @NikolajSchlej


14 Oct 01:26
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  • Fixed CPLD extension area parser hang
  • Improved ME parsing with the help of MEParser
  • Added Qt6 compatibility for user builds, thanks to @vampirecat35
  • Changed prebuilt Linux binaries to require Ubuntu 20.04
  • Fixed multiple parser issues with Z590 images, thanks to @joevt
  • Added GigaDevice GD25LQ16V identifier, thanks to @realnickel
  • Added more recognised GUID file names, thanks to @assafcarlsbad


07 Nov 18:02
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  • Fixes several crashes with special Boot Guard params
  • Fixes parsing of several Lenovo firmwares


24 Mar 05:01
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  • Added 'Do not rebuild' support for volumes
  • Added support to parse/reconstruct LZMAF86 sections
  • Added new EIST lock patches for UEFIPatch
  • Fixed mishandling trailing newline in UEFIPatch


24 Mar 05:06
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  • Fixed FIT entry engine checksum (#189)
  • Fixed infinite loop due to 0-sized volume files (#191)
  • Fixed crashes when parsing certain firmwares images
  • Fixed CPD signature verification
  • Fixed microcode detection (#194)
  • Added support to parse LZMAF68 sections (#197)
  • Allowed to use enter/return key within list widgets to navigate (#200)
  • Fixed window full screen mode reset after closing the app (#202)
  • Added parent information printing for found item (#203)


29 Dec 12:03
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  • Added support for manual patches to UEFIPatch
  • Fixed issues with explicit rebuild


29 Dec 12:05
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  • Add support for NVRAM_NVAR_BB_DEFAULTS_FILE_GUID (#71)
  • Add Intel ME parser
  • Add reset vector information
  • Improve ucode parser
  • Fix UEFIExtract extraction directory name
  • Fix mishandling empty microcode entries
  • Fix mishandling TE image base
  • Fix Intel legacy LZMA support