UEFITool NE A32 | UEFIExtract 0.13.0 | UEFIDump 0.1.1

@NikolajSchlej NikolajSchlej released this Jul 18, 2016 · 8 commits to new_engine since this release

Almost no new features, bugfix release this time.

_New engine A32_

  • fitParser is integrated into ffsParser to simplify it's usage in 3rd-party tools
  • improved detection of improperly-based TE images (much less messages about wrong TE image base now)
  • improved parsing of volume non-UEFI data, now it's parsed as RawArea (i.e. for volumes and/or paddings). Thanks to @XenoKovah for reporting the problem.
  • fixed a bug in parsing of authenticated data-only NVAR entries
  • engine code refactored to remove C++11-only quirks like std::begin or std::next
  • various small fixes

_UEFITool NE A32_

  • binary rebuilt to include engine changes
  • fitParser messages moved to Parser tab
  • Checksum and Type columns swapped on FIT tab

_UEFIExtract 0.13.0_

  • new version due to change in parameters and behavior, "all" now generate both dump and report, "dump" - only dump, "report" - only report, GUID extraction generates no reports.
  • binary rebuilt to include engine changes
  • fixed typo in usage text
  • FIT table output format improved

_UEFIDump 0.1.1_

  • binary rebuilt to include engine changes
  • FIT table output format improved


UEFITool 0.21.5 | UEFIPatch 0.3.9

@NikolajSchlej NikolajSchlej released this Nov 12, 2015 · 1 commit to master since this release


  • solved crashes spotted in #39


  • solved crashes spotted in #39
  • added PM patch for Skylake