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@vit9696 vit9696 released this Feb 10, 2019

  • Fixes #158, UEFITool and UEFIFind failed to lookup pattern crossing header/body boundary
  • Fixes #159, filter out more symbols in fileanems, which are prohibited by different filesystems
  • Fixes #163, brining support for parsing NVRAM_NVAR_PEI_EXTERNAL_DEFAULTS_FILE_GUID
  • Add more known file GUIDs
  • Add basic support for FMP images
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@vit9696 vit9696 released this Jan 7, 2019

  • Add custom LZMA dictionary size support
  • Add go to local offset functionality
  • Add ability to generate guid database from firmware
  • Add more file GUIDs
  • Add more SPI chip identifiers
  • Fix one more case with file duplicates during extraction
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@vit9696 vit9696 released this Oct 10, 2018

  • Added new microcode view
  • Added TXT ACM information
  • Reworked FIT/Security tab
  • Merged UEFIDump with UEFIExtract
  • Fixed navigation in macOS
  • Fixed multiple crashes and other minor bugs
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@vit9696 vit9696 released this Jun 13, 2018

  • Unified version scheme across the tools
  • Improved SPI chip recognition
  • Improved UEFIExtract to allow extracting only specialised data (body, header, info, file)
  • Improved UEFIExtract to allow passing the destination folder
  • Improved UEFIExtract to look for SubGUIDs
  • Changed UEFIFind argument order (fw image is now passed first)
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@vit9696 vit9696 released this Jun 2, 2018

  • UEFITool and subtools (UEFIPatch, UEFIReplace, etc.) versioning is now unified.
  • UEFIReplace got extended to support:
    • dedicated output path;
    • matching subguids;
    • performing unmodified replacements.
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@vit9696 vit9696 released this May 8, 2018

  • Adds descriptor version information for Intel images
  • Adds an extra patches.txt optional argument to UEFIPatch
  • Adds several other patches to UEFIPatch in patches-misc.txt (see #116, #123)
  • Fixes UEFIPatch handling of Coffee Lake images
  • Minor bugfixes
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