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Update: I stopped using instant article. In short, Facebook changed their structure about how instant articles work. You can find more details here.

Personally, I found Instant Article to be user unfriendly because FB keeps introducing arbitrary changes.

Facebook Instant Article for Jekyll ⚡ RSS Feed


Facebook instant article helps you to read articles from Facebook in a special format that loads blazingly fast in your Facebook app. This requires storing an instant version of your article in Facebook. To submit the articles to Facebook in an automatic way, there are two approaches.

  • RSS
  • API

This tool generates Facebook instant article compatible RSS feed. It is based on liquid tags, a single xml file and insanely simple!


  • Simple - requires only one liquid based xml file
  • Low overhead
  • Easy
  • Configurable


By configuring several things in _config.yml and in the front matter YAML of your article in jekyll, you can offer several things for your reader in the instant version. These are:

  • A header image, that will be by default your site logo, or will use an image specified in your front matter.
  • instantfeedback, that will allow your readers to like images used in your article
  • credit, that will append the credit related texts at the end of the instant article, in case you have used materials by others.


For installation, configuration and other details, please head over to the Wiki section.


Got any suggestion? Think you can improve it? I would love to hear it. Send me a pull request, email me, post in Issues - your choice.

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