A download tool for past broadcasts.
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LordH3lmchen Video length is a double vlaue on Twitch. changed to double in the Mo…
…del and cast it to int. Improved the Download Worker. It should be more reliable. twitch has some issues lattly resulting to an incomplete download.
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It's a small tool to download past broadcasts from Twitch.tv. You can enter a URL to a past broadcast.

HowTo use it


  1. Get the compiled version (jar File)
  2. Start the tool

Linux or Apple OS X

  1. Install ffmpeg
  2. Get the compiled version (jar File)
  3. Start the tool


  • Create mp4 Videos using FFMPEG
  • A m3u-playlist is created to make watching the past broadcast easier.
  • Support for the new TwitchVOD System, that stores the VOD in 3 second Chunks.
  • Downloading Multiple Videos (Queue)
  • queue for converting and downloads

Upcoming Features

  • Filter Results

Compiled JAR