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Fast script for installing & configing Danted--Socks5 Proxy Server.

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Dante socks5 server (v1.3.2/v1.4.2) auto-install and management script



Upgrade default version for Debian as 1.4.2


Upgrade default version for Debian as 1.4.3


To build a socks5 server, we have lots of open-source programs to reach that, Dante is one of them. I have been using Dante for years and starting to write this auto-install and management script two years ago. This is the second update to match the systemd and new OS release like Debian 8 , CentOS 7.

Comparing with the apt-get or building from source manually, this script will benefit you bellow

  • Auto-recognize, detect the machine's system automatically and compile from source code.
  • Auto-config, check the system's network or read from argument to auto-generate config file.
  • Same-rotation, in multi-ipaddr system. It works like when using different ip address to connect socks5, your external ip address will be different. That's the main reason why I using Dante for years.
  • Multi-authorization, you can configure authorization by pam, system or using whitelist.
  • Docker support [New]
  • Support Dante Latest version 1.4.3 [New]

Install by Docker

Docker Run

# sockd.passwd is a `htpasswd` file contains socks5 auth user/password.
docker run -d \
    --name sockd \
    --publish 2020:2020 \
    --volume sockd.passwd:/home/danted/conf/sockd.passwd \

Docker Compose

Generate compose

# wget
version: '3'


    image: lozyme/sockd
    container_name: sockd
    restart: always
      - 2020:2020
      - sockd.passwd:/home/danted/conf/sockd.passwd
      # - sockd.conf:/home/danted/conf/sockd.conf


docker-compose up -d


ss -lnp | grep 2020

User Show/Add/Modify/Delete

You should run bellow to change default password

docker exec sockd script/pam add sockd sockd

more command you could use

[Show]          $docker exec sockd script/pam show
[Add/Modify]    $docker exec sockd script/pam add USER PASSWORD
[Delete]        $docker exec sockd script/pam del USER


curl --socks5 --proxy-user sockd:sockd

Install by Script

wget --no-check-certificate -O

# run with options: bash option1 option2
bash --ip="A.A.A.A:B.B.B.B" --port=2016 --user=sockd --passwd=sockd --whitelist="X.X.X.X/32"
  • if you want to uninstall, using this command
bash --uninstall
  • if you want to add user
/etc/init.d/sockd adduser USERNAME PASSWORD


Long Option Short Option Value refer description
--ip= ip address list (a.a.a.a:b.b.b.b) *#change ';' to ':' * Socks5 Server Ip address
--port= Default: 2016 port for dante socks5 server
--version= Default: 1.3.2 dante server version, latest is 1.4.3
--user= Pam-Auth Username Socks5 Auth user
--passwd= Pam-Auth Password Socks5 Auth passwd
--whitelist= whitelist ip range (a.a.a.a/32:b.b.b.b/32) Socks5 Auth IP list
--whitelist-url= online white list file (url) Socks Auth whitelist http online
--from-package -p -- Install package from Bin package
--update-whitelist -u -- update white list
--force -f -- force install sockd
--help -h -- print help info


command option description
service sockd start /etc/init.d/sockd start start socks5 server daemon
service sockd stop /etc/init.d/sockd stop stop socks5 server daemon
service sockd restart /etc/init.d/sockd restart restart socks5 server daemon
service sockd reload /etc/init.d/sockd reload reload socks5 server daemon
service sockd status systemd process status
service sockd state /etc/init.d/sockd state running state
service sockd tail /etc/init.d/sockd tail sock log tail
service sockd adduser /etc/init.d/sockd adduser add pam-auth user: service sockd adduser NAME PASSWORD
service sockd deluser /etc/init.d/sockd deluser delete pam-auth user: service sockd deluser NAME

Test Pass

OS release Platform Provider Result
Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) x86_64 vultr pass
Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy) x86_64 vultr pass
Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy) i686 vultr pass
Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) x86_64 vultr pass
Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS i686 vultr pass
CentOS Linux 7 (Core) x86_64 vultr pass
CentOS Linux 6 x86_64 vultr pass
CentOS Linux 6 i686 vultr pass


Fast script for installing & configing Danted--Socks5 Proxy Server.






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