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wxWidgets for DirectFB installation
wxDFB is currently incomplete and some parts of the wxWidgets library
don't yet compile and must be disabled during configuration. In particular,
the coverage of wxDC API is limited.
wxDFB requires the DirectFB library (, which must
be installed before compiling wxDFB.
Compilation is done in the standard Unix fashion, using configure and make.
Please refer to e.g. wxGTK's install.txt for details if you are unfamiliar
with configure.
When configuring, use the --with-directfb option instead of e.g. --with-gtk
to specify that the wxDFB port should be built. You'll also need to disable
wxWidgets features that don't work in wxDFB yet:
$ ./configure --with-directfb \
--with-themes=mono \
--disable-accel \
--disable-popupwin \
--disable-help \
--disable-combobox \
--disable-menus \
--disable-mdi \
--disable-mdidoc \
--disable-docview \
--disable-printarch \
--disable-calendar \
--disable-choice \
--disable-choicebook \
--disable-dirdlg \
--disable-filedlg \
--disable-fontdlg \
--disable-filepicker \
--disable-dirpicker \
--disable-fontpicker \
--disable-datepick \
--disable-hyperlink \
--disable-aui \
--disable-richtext \
--disable-fontmap \
--disable-xrc \
$ make
Configuring fonts
DirectFB doesn't have native fonts configuration mechanism (such as
fontconfig used by GTK+) and so wxDFB implements a simple configuration
mechanism itself.
No fonts are installed and configured by "make install", you have to manually
configure fonts after you install the library.
wxDFB looks the fonts up in directories specified in the WXDFB_FONTPATH
environment variable (separated with :, similarly to the PATH variable). If
the variable is not set, $prefix/share/wx/fonts directory is used. All
subdirectories of the directories on the path are scanned for FontsIndex
files. These files are parsed and fonts defined in them are added to the fonts
The FontsIndex file is standard wxFileConfig file text file. Each toplevel
group specifies one font bundle, font's name is the name of group. Group's
entries look like this:
[Font Name]
# font files (at least one of them must be present):
# optional tag indicating this font is fixed-with (default is false):
Additionally, there may be DefaultXXX entries at the toplevel for every family
XXX and a Default entry that is shortcut for setting all families' default,
their value is name of the default font:
# optional tags indicating the default font for given family:
DefaultDecorative=Font Name
DefaultRoman=Font Name
DefaultScript=Font Name
DefaultSwiss=Font Name
DefaultModern=Font Name
DefaultTeletype=Font Name
# indicate the font that is default for all families (optional):
Default=Font Name
Any font formats supported by DirectFB (which typically includes formats
supported by the FreeType library) can be used.
Bug reports
Please send bug reports with a description of your environment,
compiler and the error message(s) to the wxwin-developers mailing list at: