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# Deep Flow-Guided Video Inpainting
[CVPR 2019 Paper]( | [Project Page]( | [YouTube]( | [BibeTex](#citation)

<img src="" width="860"/>

## Install & Requirements
The code has been tested on pytorch=0.4.0 and python3.6. Please refer to `requirements.txt` for detailed information. 

Alternatively, you can run it with the provided [Docker image](docker/

**To Install python packages**
pip install -r requirements.txt
**To Install liteflownet modules**

The correlation layer for LiteFlowNet is implemented in CUDA using CuPy. Install it using `pip install cupy` or install one of the provided binaries (listed [here](
## Componets
There exist three components in this repo:
* Video Inpainting Tool: DFVI
* Extract Flow: LiteFlowNet([Pytorch version]( reimplemented from [LiteFlowNet](
* Image Inpainting(reimplemented from [Deepfillv1](

## Usage
* To use our video inpainting tool for object removing, we recommend that the frames should be put into `xxx/video_name/frames`
and the mask of each frame should be put into `xxx/video_name/masks`. 
And please download the resources of the demo and model weights from [here](
An example demo containing frames and masks has been put into the demo and running the following command will get the result:
python tools/ --frame_dir ./demo/frames --MASK_ROOT ./demo/masks --img_size 512 832 --LiteFlowNet --DFC --ResNet101 --Propagation 
<img src="" width="850"/>

We provide the original model weight used in our movie demo which use ResNet101 as backbone and other related weights pls download from [here]( Weights for LiteFlowNet are hosted by [sniklaus]( [default](, [kitti](, [sintel](
Please refer to [tools]( for detailed use and training settings. 

* For fixed region inpainting, we provide the model weights of refined stages in DAVIS. Please download the lady-running resources [link]( and 
model weights [link]( The following command can help you to get the result:
CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python tools/ --frame_dir ./demo/lady-running/frames \
--MASK_ROOT ./demo/lady-running/mask_bbox.png \
--img_size 448 896 --DFC --LiteFlowNet --Propagation \
--PRETRAINED_MODEL_1 ./pretrained_models/resnet50_stage1.pth \
--PRETRAINED_MODEL_2 ./pretrained_models/DAVIS_model/davis_stage2.pth \
--PRETRAINED_MODEL_3 ./pretrained_models/DAVIS_model/davis_stage3.pth \
--MS --th_warp 3 --FIX_MASK
<img src="" width="850"/>
You can just change the **th_warp** param for getting better results in your video. 

* To extract flow for videos:
python tools/ --frame_dir xxx/video_name/frames

* To use the Deepfillv1-Pytorch model for image inpainting,
python tools/ --test_img xxx.png --test_mask xxx.png --image_shape 512 512

## Update
* More results can be found and downloaded [here]( 
* **Support for PyTorch>1.0:** Sorry for the late update and the pre-release verison for supporting PyTorch>1.0 has been integrated into our new [v1.1 branch](

* The frames and masks of our movie demo have been put into [Google Drive](
* The weights of DAVIS's refined stages have been released and you can download from [here](
Please refer to [Usage](#Usage) for using the Multi-Scale models.
## FAQ
* Errors when running
if you meet some problem about gcc when compiling, pls check if the following commands will help:
export CXXFLAGS="-std=c++11"
export CFLAGS="-std=c99"

## Citation
author = {Xu, Rui and Li, Xiaoxiao and Zhou, Bolei and Loy, Chen Change},
title = {Deep Flow-Guided Video Inpainting},
booktitle = {The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
month = {June},
year = {2019}
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