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Koivisto UCI


Koivisto is a strong chess engine written primarily by Kim Kåhre and Finn Eggers in c++. Koivisto in itself is not a complete chess program and requires a UCI-compatible graphical user interface.

Supported UCI settings:

  • Hash
  • SyzygyPath (up to 6 pieces)
  • Threads (up to 256)


All the Koivisto contributors, kz04px, Eugenio Bruno, Jay Honnold, Daniel Dugovic, Aryan Parekh, Morgan Houppin, Max Allendorf. Additionally we have recieved invaluable help and advice from Andrew Grant and theo77186. We use Fathom for tablebase probing. Chessprogramming Wiki has been a very usefull resource.

Additionaly, we have recieved support from:


Note that compiler warnings might pop up which can be safely ignored and will most likely be fixed in one of the future releases.

Windows / Linux

We do provide binaries for Windows / Linux systems. You can download them for each release after Koivisto 3.0 here. Note that we strongly recommend that you build the binaries yourself for best performance. Assuming build tools have been installed, one can type:

git clone
cd Koivisto/

cd src_files
make pgo

Besides compiling a native version which should be best in terms of performance, one can also compile static executables using:

cd src_files
make release


We do not provide binaries for MacOS yet.