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Lime Field Raspberry Pi scripts

We use this internally to provide a basic set of configuration scripts for usual setups like info displays, kiosk applications.

Pull requests are always more than welcome.


  1. Prepare your SD card with Raspbian using the guides at or buy an SD card with Raspbian preinstalled.

  2. Boot on the fresh Raspbian installation

  3. Exit the raspi-config utility to enter the Bash shell

  4. Clone this repository by typing the following command:

    pi$ git clone
  5. Run the setup script by typing this command:

    pi$ sudo ./field-rpi/

    The setup is done when you are asked to reboot the device.

  6. The setup is now completed and a pre-configured web page showing a test image is shown on the screen when the device has rebooted.


How do I choose a web page for the kiosk?

Alternative 1 - Editing starturl.txt on another computer

After finishing the setup you will find a file named starturl.txt on the (boot partition of the) SD card. Just edit this file and then plug the SD card back into the Raspberry Pi and boot!

Alternative 2 - Editing starturl.txt on the Raspberry Pi

  1. If your Raspberry Pi is showing the configured web page you need to switch to the console using this method. Press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to switch to the bash shell, hit Enter, login as the pi user. (The default password is raspberry)

  2. Use sudo to gain root access.

    pi$ sudo bash
  3. Update the file to contain the URL of the web page to show using the following command:

    root@raspberrypi:/home/pi# echo > /boot/starturl.txt
  4. Restart the web browser to show the new page

    root@raspberrypi:/home/pi# ./field-rpi/
  5. Switch back to the (restarted) browser by pressing Alt-F7

  6. Done!

How to configure an IP address?

If you need to connect using SSH to the Raspberry Pi, you probably want to set a static IP address for the device. The configuration for this depends on if you are going to use WiFi or cable. Here is some pointers that might help.


Some good links which we have based this work on:


Lime Field Raspbian Kiosk Scripts






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