Xiaomi GAP sensor data parser
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Xiaomi GAP sensor data parser

Used for parsing data frames from Xiaomi Mijia brand BLE sensors



In: Buffer|Array|String


result = {
	productId: Number,
	counter: Number,
	frameControl: [],
	mac: String, // Optional,
	capability: CapabilityBitMask, // Optional
	event: {
		eventID: Number,
		length: Number,
		raw: String,
		data: Object,
	} // Optional


Bit Name Explanation
0 Connectable True of device is cabable of establishing a connection
1 beCentral True of device is cabable of serving as a central device
2 security True of device is capable of data encryption
3-4 bonding 00 - No MIOT binding, 01 - before MIOT binding, 10 - after MIOT binding


To use this library you need to be able to discover the Xiaomi sensor advertising and then pass the Xiaomi service data (0xfe95) to it as a Buffer. For full example, see example.js.

Supported sensors

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity sensor (with LCD)

This sensor is fully supported in normal operation. Library is able to read Temperature, Humidity and battery levels from frames.


Sources used during this project are official Xiaomi MIOT documents available on their site