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A fast url shortener without trackers

Project motivation

I wanted to make a simple url choose your own shortener without any trackers or adds, hence this project. Also to keep my learning going in world of Go.

Starting locally

If you would like to host your own or start locally follow these steps :

  • Clone the repository
git clone
  • Go to root folder and install go dependencies
go get -v ./...
  • Go to web/ folder and install react dependencies
cd web/
  • Build the react project
yarn build
  • Back to root folder and go through .env.sample file
cd ../
vi .env.sample
  • Obtain environment values of mongoDB url either for local version or hosted version (eg.MongoDB cloud atlas)
# format of mongo database url
  • Add obtained environmental values in env.sample and rename it.
# after adding values in file env.sample
mv .env.sample .env
  • Replace the values in go run command and start the server
DB_HOST=insert_value_here DB_USER=insert_value_here DB_PASSWORD=insert_value_here DB_URL=insert_value_here DB_NAME=insert_value_here go run main.go

Thanks goes to