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Cmd line tool to transfer files to and from M4 board via WiFi.


Command Effect
xfer -u ipaddr file path opt Upload file, opt 0: no header add, 1: add ascii header, 2: add binary header (specify start and exec addr. in hex)
xfer -d ipaddr file path opt Download file, opt 0: leave header, 1: remove header
xfer -f ipaddr file slot name Upload rom
xfer -c ipaddr file Upload cartridge image (.CPR/.BIN)
xfer -x ipaddr path+file Execute file on CPC
xfer -y ipaddr local_file Upload file on CPC and execute it immediatly (the sd card must contain folder '/tmp')
xfer -p ipaddr Start (plus) cartridge
xfer -s ipaddr Reset CPC
xfer -r ipaddr Reboot M4


Example : If your m4 has IP number, the following code will run zynaps from given directory.

xfer -x /games/zynaps/zynapsex.bas

Want to leave it again you could reset the cpc by:

xfer -s

In a development environment the idea is you ie. do the following to your makefile :

xfer -u mycode.bin / 0 (to upload the file after compilation, additional files could be uploaded too)

xfer -x /mycode.bin (to execute it)

Remote files can be basic/binary or SNA (emulator snapshot format).

If you are deving roms, they can be remotely uploaded too :

xfer -f yancc.rom 3 "YANCC" (upload to slot 3)

xfer -f launcher.rom 4 "The Launcher" (upload to slot 4)

xfer -r (Reboot M4 for changes to take effect)

Python version

A python client is also provided in It can be used as it is is or as a library for another application. It has globally the same arguments than the native version. Here are some differences:

  • It is able to create directories or remove files and directories.
  • The arguments for downloading a file are slightly different (full path instead of filename + path).
  • The managmeent of headers has still not be coded; will be done if requested

Here is the documentation of this version:

Python xfer.

    pyxfer -s <ip>
    pyxfer -r <ip>
    pyxfer -u <ip> <file> [<path>] [<opt>]
    pyxfer -d <ip> <cpcfile> [<opt>]
    pyxfer -x <ip> <cpcfile>
    pyxfer -y <ip> <file> [<opt>]
    pyxfer -m <ip> <folder>
    pyxfer --cd <ip> <cpcfolder>
    pyxfer --rm <ip> <cpcfile>
    pyxfer --delRom <ip> <romid>
    pyxfer -f <ip> <file> <romid> <name>
    pyxfer -p <ip>
    pyxfer --ls <ip> [<folder>]

    -s      Reset CPC.
    -r      Reboot M4.
    -u      Upload a file on the SD card of the M4.
    -d      Download a file from the SD card of the M4.
    -x      Execute the program on the SD card of the M4.
    -y      Upload and execute the program on the /tmp of SD card of the M4.
    -m      Create directory on the SD card.
    --cd    Change current directory in CPC.
    --rm    Delete file or empty directory on CPC.
    -f      Install ROM <file> at position <romid>.
    --delRom    Delete the ROM.
    -p      Put CPC in pause.
    --ls    List files on CPC.


Cmd line tool to transfer files to and from M4 board via WiFi






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