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🐍 The BEST Slack Selfbot on GitHub | No Bot User, Acts Like It's You! ⭐️
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The First Python Selfbot for Slack Workspaces ⭐️

What is this?

Slacky is a self-bot for Slack. What is a selfbot? Unlike a normal Slack Bot, Slacky makes all it's request using your personal user token so that it can act as you. Therefore it will edit and post as you rather than a third-party bot making it look like you are doing things extremely fast like custom replies, animations, and more!

There are a ton of default commands, and easily loadable custom plugins. You are even able to run it in multiple workspaces at once. Read more below for info on the wiki and more commands.

Discord for Support:

This README doesn't have all the info! I've written a readme with a bunch of info on the bot here. Check it out for information on how to Install, Setup, and Customize Slacky!

Read how to run the bot in multiple workspaces here

View Changelog Here

Slack Client

Bot Server

Default Commands

Assumes prefix is ~

Command Description Usage
heartbeat Check if bot is up or not ~heartbeat
ping Get response time from server hosting bot ~ping
uinfo Get info about a user ~uinfo @user
winfo Get info about the current workspace ~winfo
convinfo Get info about conversation/channel ~convinfo #chantag
info Get info about the bot ~info
errors See all errors the bot has encountered ~errors
msgstatus Enable/Disable random status emoji on msg ~msgstatus
customrs Manage custom replies to messages Read Wiki
stats Get info about the bot running ~stats
ascii Generate ASCII art from a phrase ~ascii msg
shift CrEaTe ShIfT tExT lIkE tHiS ~shift phrase
subspace Replace spaces with emojis ~subspace :emoji: msg
space Add a space in between each character ~space phrase
ani Run animation from animation folder Read Wiki
ud Get urban dictionary definiton ~ud query
setprefix Sets bot command prefix ~setprefix prefix
xkcd Get Daily xkcd comic ~xkcd
delete Delete X num of your msgs ~delete num_of_msgs
react React to last sent message ~react :emoji:
reactrand React to with random emoji ~reactrand
reactspam Spam 23 Reactions (Notification Spam) ~randspam
howdoi Find code snippets from stack overflow ~howdoi loop over list python
listener Add or remove listeners ~listener add/delete phrase
listener list List all listener words ~listener list
help Display this message ~help


Contributions can be done through Pull Requests or by creating a plugin pack.


I ask that if you fork this do not release as your own. Please credit and mention it's built off this. In fact building a plugin pack rather than a new bot entirely would be best! The license is MIT so I won't stop you but I'm just asking that you respect my wishes 😄

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