Newton Dynamics is an integrated solution for real time simulation of physics environments.
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Newton dynamics is a realistic, cross-platform physics simulation library. It can easily be integrated into games and game engines and provides top of its class performance and simulation stability. Ongoing development and a permissive license makes Newton Dynamics a top choice for all kinds of projects from scientific projects to game engines.

Compiling Newton

Windows and OSX

Project files for Visual Studio and XCode are provided, mainly


There are Unix makefiles in the project folders mentioned above, but it is highly recommended to use CMake instead.

Newton Core does not have any third party dependencies.

To build the demo sandbox the following packages need to be installed:

  • OpenGL
  • glfw3
  • OpenAL
  • TinyXML

All of these should be available on any major Linux distribution (with associated -dev or -devel packages).

Alternatively they can be found in the folder sdk/thirdParty/ and built from source.


Newton Dynamics is licensed under the zlib open source license, with little if any practical difference between them.

See LICENSE for the full content of the licenses.


Newton Dynamics is a project of Julio Jerez and Alain Suero. See AUTHORS for a full list of contributors.