Utilize a Raspberry Pi and a Nuand BladeRF to generate your own portable local cell network
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Portable Cell Network

To deploy your own portable cell network you can:

Compile From Source Utilizing The Install Script

  1. Fetch and configure the install script from this repository

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MBRO95/PortableCellNetwork/master/PortableCellNetwork.sh #Download script
    chmod +x ./PortableCellNetwork.sh #Add execute functionality
  2. Run script

    sudo ./PortableCellNetwork.sh
  3. The script will walk you through customizing the cell network name and then kick off

  4. After the packages are installed and configured for the BladeRF, the script will detect if the device is present and, if not, it will pause and ask you to connect the BladeRF to the Raspberry Pi. Once connected, press any key to continue and the script will continue until installation is complete.

  5. Reboot the Pi

    sudo reboot now
  6. Run the 'StartYateBTS.sh' script located in the home directory

    sudo ./StartYateBTS.sh -i #It's important to keep the '-i' flag so the script runs interactively

Current Installation Time: Tue 21 Mar 13:15:08 UTC 2017 > Tue 21 Mar 14:16:37 UTC 2017 = ~61 Minutes

Flash A Pre-built Image To An SD Card

Additionally, you can skip compiling above by downloading an SD card image file below and flashing to your SD card:

For More Details, View The Documentation Here.

Deploy the network after script install or image flash

View Deployment Video Here