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A clone of Geometry Dash in plain text. 3DS version included.
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A clone of Geometry Dash in plain text. This is the 3DS version.


  • Beautiful main menu
  • Coming soon message for unmade levels, not just junk
  • R & L buttons work on the menu as well as Circle-and-D-Pads
  • Speed is the same as Geometry Dash (11 squares per second)
  • Jump is the same as Geometry Dash (3*4 jump area)
  • Easy level implementation in the code with simple ASCII characters and a define function
  • Blocks included:
    • Square Cube (B)
    • Lined Cube (D)
    • Small Spike (x)
    • Big Spike (X)
    • Spike Grid (s)
    • Top half-cube (-) and bottom half-cube (_)
    • Slopes (/ and ) (does not have collision detection ATM)
    • C means not complete
    • F means level end
    • Space means air block
  • Percentage scores (they do not save to the scores file, though)
  • New: Cube customization
  • Press Y to access the menu
  • The icon previews look disgusting right now, but don't worry, the real ones are better!
  • You can't save the cube you have, so you have to change it each play


  • Music (the code is not working)
  • Saving high scores or cube
  • Practice mode
  • Different play modes (ship, UFO, ball)
  • Importing custom levels (soon)
  • Cool death, high score, and finish screens


Drop the 3dsx/cia/elf file into the destination, and place the data folder next to your executable. If there is no data folder, make it like specified below. Here is the directory structure:

  • Main folder for ASCIIJump
    • ASCIIJump3DS.<3dsx/elf/cia>
    • (ASCIIJump3DS.smdh)
    • data/
      • scores.txt
      • cube.txt
      • (background-loop.bin)
      • (level.bin)
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