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Modular Font Editor K

A distribution of font editing tools and Rust libraries.


  1. docs Public

    Modular Font Editor K documentation and design goals. This repository contains no source code; see the modules for source.

    Makefile 44 1

  2. glif Public

    A stand-alone glyph viewer and editor (UFO .glif). (ꞵ quality)

    Rust 150 12

  3. stroke Public

    Forked from MatthewBlanchard/MFEKStroke

    A utility for stroking paths in font glyphs (UFO .glif) written in Rust.

    Rust 20

  4. metadata Public

    Basic font metadata fetcher/updater for the MFEK project

    Rust 5

  5. A parser and writer for UFO `.glif` files.

    Rust 9 4

  6. math.rlib Public

    A library which supplies mathematics and algorithms for manipulating beziers.

    Rust 7 2



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