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The Minimal Information About Plant Phenotyping Experiment (MIAPPE) is an open, community driven project to harmonize data from plant phenotyping experiments. MIAPPE comprises both a conceptual data representation and a recommended checklist of metadata required to adequately describe a plant phenotyping experiment. We welcome contributions from anyone interested in plant phenotyping data. It covers description of the following aspects of plant phenotyping experiment: general metadata, experimental design, biosource, environment, treatments, sample management, environmental variables and phenotypes. To read more, please visit

New version Request for comment

MIAPPE v1.2 is curently under review by the MIAPPE community. The full details are available here

Current version


The latest version extends the inital work. See the README for a detailled description of the changes, as well as the publication "Enabling reusability of plant phenomic datasets with MIAPPE 1.1." by Papoutsoglou et al. (doi:10.1111/nph.16544). See the release on Zenodo(10.5281/zenodo.10565165)



The first version MIAPPE minimal information standard published by Krajewski et al. (doi:10.1093/jxb/erv271). See the release on Zenodo(10.5281/zenodo.10565133)