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let translate env =
let rec dig_directive (f: ('a, 'b) SurfaceAst.expr -> ('a, 'b)
SurfaceAst.expr) ((e,label) as v: ('a, 'b) SurfaceAst.expr) : ('a, 'b) SurfaceAst.expr =
match e with
| SurfaceAst.Directive (dir,exps,[]) ->
SurfaceAst.Directive(dir, (dig_directive f) exps,[]), label
| _ -> f v
let rec dig_lambda (f: ('a, 'b) SurfaceAst.expr -> ('a, 'b) SurfaceAst.expr) ((e,label) as v : ('a, 'b) SurfaceAst.expr) =
match e with
| SurfaceAst.Lambda(pat,exp) -> SurfaceAst.Lambda(pat,dig_lambda f exp) , label
| _ -> f v
let aux ((e,label) as v) =
match e with
| SurfaceAst.Directive (`no_client_calls, [exp], _) ->
let f exp =
SurfaceAstCons.with_label label (fun () ->
let f_ctx = OpaMapToIdent.val_ Opacapi.ThreadContext.no_client_calls in
let f = SurfaceAstCons.ExprIdentCons.E.ident f_ctx in
let ctx = SurfaceAstCons.ExprIdentCons.E.applys f [] in
SurfaceAstCons.ExprIdentCons.D.with_thread_context ctx exp)
let g exp = dig_lambda f exp in
dig_directive g exp
| _ -> v in
let r = OpaWalk.Code.map_down aux env.Passes.sa_lcode in
{env with Passes.sa_lcode = r}
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