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Why doesn't OPA syntax allow optional parenthesis when functions accept a single argument? #28

jordwalke opened this Issue Jan 13, 2012 · 3 comments


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In SML, all functions take a single argument that may be a tuple (which gives us the standard f(x,y,z) notation).
Furthermore, if I recall correctly, all functions are actually pattern matching their tuple arguments such as:
fn 0 => 0
| n => 1

This seems like a really elegant way to model function parameters. Why does OPA not adopt this, and might is the community open to adopting the convention?

The parenthesis-free single argument syntax makes named parameters very elegant as well.

result = callFunction {
  param1: "someString",
  param2: 23

akoprow commented Feb 22, 2012

I assume you're referring to the new syntax of Opa (as we have two variants of the syntax). Quick explanation would be: this syntax is inspired and intended to stay close to JavaScript and that means parenthesis for function calls.

@akoprow akoprow closed this Feb 22, 2012

I was actually referring to the more concise syntax. I discussed this with you on the forum.
I was hopeful that the concise syntax could be a special case of what I propose (no parenthesis or commas needed for arguments).
For example:

someFunc 1 2 3

would call someFunc with three parameters, whereas:

anotherFunc (1,2,3)

calls anotherFunc with a single parameter that happens to be a tuple.

Here's the exact proposal I had on the web forum:

Before my proposal:

myComponent = MainApp({
   title = translate("welcome", "english")
   sideBar = SideBar({
      width = 400,
      onResize = (e) -> alert('hi')
   elements = [
        Link({siteSection = "a"})
})     // these double closings are very distracting.

After my proposal:

myComponent = MainApp {
   title: translate "welcome" "english",
   sideBar: SideBar {
      width:  400,
      onResize: (e) -> (alert 'hi')
   elements = [
       Link { siteSection: "a" }

I felt this was clearly much cleaner.

I'll continue the discussion there.

@akoprow akoprow reopened this Feb 24, 2012


hbbio commented Apr 22, 2012

The syntax is nice, however we had enough recent focus on syntax to implement it now as:

  1. We want to keep the JavaScript default syntax as it is;
  2. We don't want to disturb the users of the original syntax who have lots of code already written.

But you can add your own syntax to Opa as the mechanism to select a given parser is already in the compiler.
PS: How would you write a type coercion?

@hbbio hbbio closed this Apr 22, 2012

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