The Grid control from updated for ASP.NET MVC5 and without dependencies.
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Upgraded to MVC 5.2.3


The Grid control from updated for ASP.NET MVC5 / .NET 4.5 and without dependencies (e.g. Mvc4Futures).

See the documentation.

We created this because this is the only useful component we regularly use from MVC Contrib and it's not being kept up to date with the latest versions of MVC. We have had issues with the MVC5 breaking changes in using the MVCContrib library and we still want to use this functionality with MVC5.


Install-Package AspNet.Mvc.Grid

Changes from MVCContrib

In the spirit of the Apache 2.0 license here are the major changes to the code:

  • Compiled under .NET 4.5
  • All namespaces changed